Friday, 21 June 2013


So the title of this post may be a bit of a give away! but as you probably have read in some my previous posts, I entered a design competition organised by CAMAC Design as part of one of my projects at Uni. Camacs' Flagship event is the Annual Student Wallpaper Design Competition, now in its 5th Year. Originally aimed at 2nd year Surface Design undergraduates, it now attracts entrants from students studying textiles, fine art and ceramics from colleges across the UK and Europe. Shortlisted students have the chance to exhibit their work at the Imago Gallery as well as get invaluable opportunities within the industry. 

It's all been good news so far! I have made it to the second round of the competition, and eagerly wait for hear back, and share with you more good news! 

Here are my final designs, inspired by Zandra Rhodes and the idea of creating a new version of the French Toile de Jouy. I Combined both my British Museum drawings along with my fine line drawings, and tried them out in different combinations. The colour palette speaks for itself, Im a sucker for pastels! 

Sunday, 12 May 2013


FIRSTLY...Sorry for the delayed post! Must admit I have been so busy with uni, my social life has been non-existent, its been nothing but WORK WORK WORK for these past few weeks! Will be posting my final designs soon for you to check out! For now I leave you with some fine liner drawings I was working on for my wall covering project, as you probably read in my previous post, I was looking at African art and textiles, took it further and decided to draw some safari animals....Time consuming? YES! Worth it? DEFINITELY!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kew Gardens.

Thought I'd update you on some more of my drawings for my Gift wrap project, following the Japanese blue and white porcelain inspiration, I thought I'd find some more imagery to draw from, and what better pace to go than Kew gardens, the 1 hour train journey isn't very convenient, but it's definitely worth it! The fact the weather has been specially great makes it that much more indulging (yes its still overwhelming to finally have some sun in London!)
whilst venturing in Kew Gardens, the Waterlily House and Bamboo garden were appropriately perfect for some ink drawings, so here they are......

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Can't believe how perfect the weather was today! and to think only a couple of weeks ago it was snowing! ooooh London... if only it was like this everyday(a girl can dream)!
Think this is the perfect time to share with you an amazing band I have been listening to non-stop, which is also been getting me ready for some summer loving! Now I'd like to think I'm more into folk/acoustic/one man and his guitar type of music, but how could I resist myself from not listening to something more upbeat with all this sun around!
Crystal Fighters are one of those bands which definitely bring out the summer even in the most cold of days, their unusual mix of traditional basque instruments with the more contemporary influences of electronic and dance music mesh so beautifully together, you cant help but fall in love with their unique style of music . Their new album 'Cave Rave' which is out on the 27th of May, I will definitely be looking forward to listening, until then I leave you with this...ENJOY(with the volume full blast ideally!)